Innovative solutions respectful of our environment

Our company

Based at MedTech in the Swiss Jura Canton INNOmaterials SA could define itself as a must-go-to company for Research and Development.

INNOmaterials SA is part of numourous innovation platforms and is associated with several research centers (CNRS, HEPIA,...)

Mid 2015, in order to secure its development within Europe, it was decided to set up a subsidiary in Luxembourg, placed under Olivier LOUIS (Program Director).

The precision of our analysis, our constant search for creativity, the impact of our network, allow us to coordinate materials R&D projects, from innovation to the industrial process to develop technical solutions and finished products, complex projects in accordance to specifications (technical and environmental).


Expertise and competences

  • Wide technical backgrounds / professional experiences acquired in industry

  •  Mastering of the product development process

  • Knowledge in product management (from cradle to grave)
  • Knowledge in materials science

    o    Rubber formulations

    o    Polymers / plastics

    o    Composites and nano-materials

    o    Bio-sourced materials


Missions : Materials Expert Consultants


Our mission is to provide practical technical solutions to companies, thanks to our internal technical knowledge, or to external R&D supports. This allows them to keep their leading position on the market, or explore new business, while avoiding costly and complex structures.


Strategic position

Based in Switzerland and Luxembourg, in close vicinity to France, Italy, Germany or Belgium, INNOmaterials is at the crossroad of most important economic development centers.

INNOmaterials SA - places des Sciences 1 - CH-2822 Courroux - Switzerland - +41 32 466 12 73